Roof Replacement & Repair

We’ve got you covered.
Most homeowners never give much thought to their roof, until it is time to repair or replace it. Yet a new roof is one of the most important purchases you make as a homeowner.

  • Your roof…
    • ▪ is critical to the overall integrity of your home
    • ▪ has significant impact on your home’s curb appeal
    • ▪ is a purchase you’ll be living with for decades
    • ▪ is a significant investment in your home.

    By selecting Cardinal Exteriors and Home Services, you’ll be working with a contractor who will take time to guide you through both the technical and aesthetic aspects of roof repair or replacement.

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    The Cardinal Roof Replacement Process
    The “Cardinal Process” assures a quality roof and your complete satisfaction. You will receive regular communication prior to the start of your project, affirming start times, material delivery, and any prep work you need to complete prior to the start of the project. And while most roof replacements only take a couple of days, you will receive a daily progress update. The Cardinal installation team will also take photos throughout the tear down, prep, installation, and completion of your new roof. This allows us to document the project for your records and ours.

    Requesting an estimate is easy:

    When you request an estimate -- either by submitting your address online or by phone -- we will contact you to schedule a time to inspect your roof’s condition, free of charge. We’ll take the time to meet with you and listen to your questions and concerns. And we’ll explore options in materials and timing. We want to understand your needs and desires and to build a working relationship with you.

    Bid Presentation:

    At Cardinal, we appreciate that a new roof is not a common purchase, so we’ll ask to meet with you again to explain our bid in detail, answer any questions you may have, and give you a better understanding of our process and the products we’ll be recommending for your home.

    Scheduling Your New Roof:

    In most cases, we schedule projects to begin within 30 days of receiving a signed contract for the work to be performed. This can sometimes vary, based on product availability, weather, and other factors. We’ll keep you well informed of the project start date with regular communications from the time you sign the contract through project completion.

    Removing the old roofing:

    The first step in installing your new roof is to remove all of the old shingles or roofing material. Cardinal Exteriors will never add a second layer of roofing to your home. Nailing over an old, existing roof is not recommended due to the added weight and increased chance of leaks. We pay attention to details, like pulling nails from the old roof instead of simply pounding them flush. Why? Because we know those nails are more likely to be loose or can become loose and will wear away the new shingle from below. We’ll also inspect the wood decking for any weakened wood, rot, or mold.

    Preparing the deck:

    We will repair and replace any of the roof deck (also called sheathing)that is weak or damaged. After we’re sure the deck is solid, we will lay down drip edges along the eaves, and high quality ice and water shield around the chimney, vents, and roof valleys, and install heavy-duty roofing felt on the roof deck. While other roofing contractors may be content to use thinner roofing felt, Cardinal Exteriors uses only #30 synthetic felt. Thirty-pound roof felt is twice as thick as the minimum requirement for shingle underlayment and smooths any irregular surfaces to give a better finished appearance.

    Installing the new roof:

    Starting from the bottom edge and working toward the peak, we install the new materials properly, according to manufacturer’s best practices, with 4 plastic cap nails per shingle rather than the inferior 3 nails or staples. More nails provides a larger holding surface and less pressure per nail, lessening the likelihood of the shingle breaking loose. We also use a starter strip under the first row of shingles, which is stronger and better than simply flipping a shingle over to start the row. We will then install the roof covering, including a “high profile” ridge cap, and longer lasting flashing around vent pipes and chimneys, and vents. And if your roof transitions from one roofline to another, such as dormers or peaks in two directions, we’ll use "metal valley flashing with a higher profile raised center section to make the transition more aesthetically appealing. Attention to detail is what sets Cardinal a cut above our competitors.

    Cleanup and final inspection:

    Our job isn’t complete until we remove all waste and debris from the site. We run a magnet around the perimeter of your home to pick up any errant nails, staples, or screws. Your project manager will make a quality control walk-through, ensuring that every aspect of your new roof meets our demanding standards and your complete satisfaction.


    A new roof from Cardinal Exteriors comes with a 5-year Workmanship Warranty, guaranteeing freedom from installation defects along with the product manufacturer’s product warranty.